Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Dream State" Give Away Contest

Good Morning All…

As I have mentioned earlier in the week, I now have the proof copy of "Dream State" in my grubby little hands. And that means that soonly, it will be available for order via my author website, and other online retailers.

Here's a little tease to show what's in the book.

Kristi, on the other hand, had become one with her seat. She felt as
though she could feel the grain of the leather through her jeans, making
an imprint on her ass. She was very aware of her sensations, the
things she touched, and the things that touched her. It was as if she
could feel the different textures talking to her skin to help it understand
what it was supposed to feel. She had never felt this alive, this
sensitive, this aroused.

He walked through the circle of light on his side of the car and into
the darkness at the front of the vehicle; Drew made his way to her side
of the car and opened the door holding out his hand to help her get up
and out of the car. She reached up to take his hand and was astounded
at the softness of his skin, and how smooth it felt. In her current state,
all she could think of was his hands running all over her naked flesh.

“Thank you Will. I am really enjoying this evening. Thank you so
much,” she said as she leaned into the man to give him a kiss. She was
not sure if he was prepared and was more than willing, almost desperate
actually, to find out.

Drew leaned in and kissed her back. An action that provided her a
sense of relief. She was the first to test the waters with her tongue and
did so with light little feather licks to his lower lip slowly, so she
could feel the wrinkles in his lip and taste the Chai latte that had dried
there. Her tongue sprang to life at the taste of the pepper in the tea. It
provided a stark contrast to the sweetness of the tea she had been
drinking. The honey from the Chai mixed with her chamomile tea to
create an overly sweet sensation buffered by the spice of the tea. She
could not ever remember things being so sensitive, so real, and so

So, what's the contest and what's it gonna cost me?

Fair question. The contest is a give away of two, count'em, two signed copies of "Dream State". The drawing will be held the day of the release, yet to be determined but assumed to be early to mid December. The only catch, You have to either be a follower of this blog, see the follow button on the left. Or, you need to be following me on Twitter.

The process is simple, become a follower of one of the two sites, and your name will go into a numbered list. Using a software tool I will generate two random numbers, and those two people will be notified of their winning.

Good luck to you all, I look forward to meeting the winners.

Robert E

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