Sunday, September 6, 2009

Winslow Eliot Started Something

So what can be said other than what Winslow has already said about the community. Read it here ... ... I gave it some thought after I read her recent Claude Bouchard inspired post. She took the time earlier in the day to express what it was to be in a community, and then took some time to gather up links for some of the folks in her tribe, I was luckily included. Thank you so much.

I am not nearly as eloquent as Winslow, but wanted to provide those that care to read my own personal impression of the little crew of people I have found. I have not known many of them long nor have I met any of them in person or talked to them in reality. But these peoplel have exhibited traits in this on-line commuity that I wish I could find more of in person. With out question the people I have met are only concerned with one thing at the core of their actions. Helping each other be as successful as we each choose to be.

They show acceptance and tolerance. The show encouragement with just a little nudge or a simple phrase. Normaly, these people effect me in positive ways and they were not even addressing me specifically. The support they show one another, the cross networking and introductions to the uninitiated all showacceptance of one another.

Their kindness toward each other is a very refreshing break from the day to day grind of a failed economy, or a cruel humanity. They span the globe in the places they live, but meet each day in the great equalizer of the internet. They share their dreams with us and relish in the possibilities of ours.

They are only acquaintences but, I consider these tweeps my friends.

Thank you all from now and in the future.

Robert E.

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