Friday, September 11, 2009

What’s this thing called writing?

Very open question don't you think? I think the reasons we write are many, but at the core it always comes back to the fact that we want to make people feel something. Claude Bouchard in Vigilante tells us of ultimate greed from a disturbed mind, while Luke Romyn tells us a tale of a dark man saved by care in The Dark Path. Claude's book made me feel that his main character was justified, and Luke took me into the soul of a man that likes his work and is destroying himself with it. I felt for both those people. I wanted to understand why they thought the way they did.

I wrote Dream State to elicit a response. I wanted to hook people in a scene and then change directions so quickly that they would visibly shake their head at what was just read. I write the way that I do in the hopes that my readers will "see" the images that are described in words. Most importantly though, I write to prove to myself that I can describe the imagery that I see in my head during little snippets of time. I like to describe the transactions that are so often glazed over in real life. I guess it's my way of slowing things down to see it, stopping to smell the roses.

So I say to you all, let's go make our readers feel if just for a little while.

Robert E

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  1. Excellent post, Robert!! That is why we write, isn't it. To share that movie in our mind with others!!

    Thanks for the mention!!

    Claude Bouchard