Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dream State pre-release review by WebbWeavers

Though I didn't know it September 20 was one hell of a good day. While I was in Dallas trying to manage a software development effort, my good friends at WebbWeavers were busy at work making my Monday evening.

After a very long day filled with more transactions than I care to admit to or count, I opened my personal email account while in my hotel room. I had ordered dinner, and was trying to get the day out of my head and I found notification that the review had been completed.

I was instantly curious as to the results, but was not going to rush the moment. I called my wife and asked if she wanted to be the first to read the review. I had not clicked onto the post yet and had no idea of the content.

After a minute or less of discussion, it was decided I would read the review and we would both get the news at the same time.

So I launched into the best movie announcer guy impersonation I could muster and read the words. I was nervous, anxious, afraid, and at the end oh so pleased. I let out a scream like a little girl running across her first mouse. It was amazing.

Please take the chance to read the review and let me know what you think.

Thanks to you all.

Robert E

Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspired by @Novelhelp

Just a few minutes ago, maybe longer now, I was reading through the tweets on my home page. I was thinking I needed to write, nothing specific, just write for the sake of writing. I was perplexed though on the direction I wanted to write. I thought of starting on character development for a new premise I have in mind. Seemed too hard for tonight, not inspiring. I could go back to one of the stories I have started and flesh out the life of the victim.

That wasn't it either I decided.

Then I saw this from @novelhelp "Husband snoring. Dog snoring. Cat stalking. It must be Friday night!!!." That was it, I would write a short story about that from @novelhelp's perspective or at least the imaginings of mine when trying to imagine her perspective.

So here it goes….

She sat at the corner of the sofa, curled with her knees under her. The woman sat with her book in her lap, and her ever present laptop on her left. She had positioned a tall glass of tea on the glass covered round table on the right of the couch earlier. Now she was ready to read, whether it be the book of the moment or the stream of tweets that kept her often entertained.

Focusing on the old style of reading words printed on paper, she looked down and began to read. As she focused on the words from the page, she noticed the sound of her husbands deep breathing as he had fallen asleep in the recliner. He had a low comfortable snore happening that made her grin a bit as she felt good in the comfort of her home. Looking up to admire the relaxation on her husbands face, she noticed too that the dog had fallen asleep on the floor.

The end of a stress filled week of work related issues that fed on themselves until they became all consuming. The quiet of the house, the relaxation in comfort, and the sounds of sleep caused a warmth to flow outward to meet her skin.

It was perfect she thought as the cat stalked across the room in pursuit of whatever it is that cats pursue.

What’s this thing called writing?

Very open question don't you think? I think the reasons we write are many, but at the core it always comes back to the fact that we want to make people feel something. Claude Bouchard in Vigilante tells us of ultimate greed from a disturbed mind, while Luke Romyn tells us a tale of a dark man saved by care in The Dark Path. Claude's book made me feel that his main character was justified, and Luke took me into the soul of a man that likes his work and is destroying himself with it. I felt for both those people. I wanted to understand why they thought the way they did.

I wrote Dream State to elicit a response. I wanted to hook people in a scene and then change directions so quickly that they would visibly shake their head at what was just read. I write the way that I do in the hopes that my readers will "see" the images that are described in words. Most importantly though, I write to prove to myself that I can describe the imagery that I see in my head during little snippets of time. I like to describe the transactions that are so often glazed over in real life. I guess it's my way of slowing things down to see it, stopping to smell the roses.

So I say to you all, let's go make our readers feel if just for a little while.

Robert E

Sunday, September 6, 2009

#41 – a review of sorts

Dave Matthews Band released the Live at Mile High Stadium CD sometime last year. It was during that time that I was putting some finishing touches on my first novel Dream State. I would spend hours reading through the text and not see a way to either improve or embellish the story line. I normal start a review session with the first track of the disc then start reading. At whatever point, I was at when #41 came on, I would stop. The smooth lyrical opening sets you up for an easy, slow ride. Soon after the conclusion of the lyrics a crescendo takes you over the top for the first of three musical waves. The song continues to build through the second wave with blistering guitar courtesy of Tim Reynolds. Rashown Ross and Jeff Coffin take the role of mellowing out the crowd before one of the beginning of the third wave. The third wave is the strongest, most fantastic improv sax solo's I have ever heard. The dong ends with the band slowing the tempo, pace and volume to the point the crowd screams "Every Day."

It's after my nearly 15 minute break that the words pop out of the screen. I saw new levels of detail, new conversations to be added. I am listening to #41 as I write this post and I have been through the song twice. Just can't get enough.

Robert E

Winslow Eliot Started Something

So what can be said other than what Winslow has already said about the community. Read it here ... ... I gave it some thought after I read her recent Claude Bouchard inspired post. She took the time earlier in the day to express what it was to be in a community, and then took some time to gather up links for some of the folks in her tribe, I was luckily included. Thank you so much.

I am not nearly as eloquent as Winslow, but wanted to provide those that care to read my own personal impression of the little crew of people I have found. I have not known many of them long nor have I met any of them in person or talked to them in reality. But these peoplel have exhibited traits in this on-line commuity that I wish I could find more of in person. With out question the people I have met are only concerned with one thing at the core of their actions. Helping each other be as successful as we each choose to be.

They show acceptance and tolerance. The show encouragement with just a little nudge or a simple phrase. Normaly, these people effect me in positive ways and they were not even addressing me specifically. The support they show one another, the cross networking and introductions to the uninitiated all showacceptance of one another.

Their kindness toward each other is a very refreshing break from the day to day grind of a failed economy, or a cruel humanity. They span the globe in the places they live, but meet each day in the great equalizer of the internet. They share their dreams with us and relish in the possibilities of ours.

They are only acquaintences but, I consider these tweeps my friends.

Thank you all from now and in the future.

Robert E.