Friday, August 22, 2008



Brick and mortar,
Wood and concrete,
All make walls that are seen.

Pain and fear,
Loss and separation,
Make the walls of invisibility.

These hidden walls,
Are inside us all,
They form a ceiling,
Preventing us from being tall.

I have been hurt,
That surely is true,
I will build a wall around me,
To keep from getting screwed.

I have been the brunt,
Of some of your jokes,
I will build a wall around me,
To protect me from your pokes.

I have sent my love out,
Unto the day ahead,
I will build walls around me,
To protect me like a shed.

I get so tired,
Of being alone,
The walls have formed an isolation,
So now I feel like stone.

Stone is immoveable,
Steady in its place,
Taking all that is given,
It never wins the race.

I will tear down my walls,
One by one,
Until they are but naught.

I will turn from the stone,
I will live my life,
So that I no longer will be alone.

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