Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today is different than it was,
There are fewer places to go,
People are crowding is such a small spaces,
It’s as if they know.

If we stand side by side,
There are many differences between us,
Yet we all walk together in much the same stride.

We try to separate ourselves,
To show who we are,
To prove our worth.

Some use ink,
Others use needles,
To make a statement,
To separate us from the weebles.

We each try to shock,
To make ourselves known,
To differentiate us from the flock,
Our egos must be shown.

There is a change afoot,
Of this I am sure,
We’re starting to spare the boot,
Starting to share the cure.

We practice acceptance,
To those that we know,
We accept our friends,
Like we do the snow.

Those outside our click,
They are spared,
Our wonderful acceptance,
Of which is sparingly shared.

We see the imperfect,
And that is a shame,
For the feeling of separation,
Is ours to blame.

Look outside the zone,
At the imperfection,
See the weakness,
With no need for correction.

We expect the perfect,
In those that we meet,
We do not tolerate,
Those that live on the street.

They are there my friend,
As a matter of choice,
For theirs is perfect,
And in it they rejoice.

Each of us has something to share,
It is up to us to accept,
The gift of a stranger,
Without need to reject.

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