Monday, August 25, 2008


A man set sail,
In the year,
Of 1980,
Oh dear.

He set sail you see,
To escape the mediocrity,
Of life,
In the Flatland.

The dawning of the second Millennium,
Brought the death,
Of the cheerleading section,
For our traveling sailor.

He knew at the time,
That momma did what mamma’s do,
They prepare for the future,
And then conduct a test for you.

She prepared him for the future,
By teaching him love,
For that of his grandmother,
As soft as a dove.

When She died,
It was almost as if,
The wind,
Had lost its power,
To bend.

The sail of our young sailor you see,
Fell to the decks,
Without the power,
Of the wind behind him.

By this time though,
There was another woman,
In which he could care,
To the deepest levels,
That he ever wanted to share.

He learned that in the deepest hours,
There will always be someone,
To share their pain with the deepest of yours.

So now you see,
Our young sailor,
Missed his momma,
But found in a trailer,
A beautiful woman,
That would make a sailor greater.

Its been nearly,
Three decades,
And life is still like,
Two frosty raspberry lemonades.

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