Monday, August 25, 2008


Yesterday is as it was,
Try as you might,
You will never change.

Change what happened,
Into what you want.

Tomorrow is open,
Like the pages of an empty book,
To see the possibility,
All you must do is look.

Look to yourself,
And define your greatest vision,
See your success.

Success is self defined,
Only you can tell,
If the actions you take,
Will lead you to hell.

But this you must know,
Without a single doubt,
The hell I speak of,
Is what it is all about.

Hell as a place does not exist,
Instead I say,
Your feelings about what you do,
Is the only hell you will pay.

God doesn’t care,
And sees no right or wrong,
For God wants to feel,
To experience it all.

Ask yourself before you act,
Is this what God would do,
Since you are in a pact.

A pact with God,
Him as the creator,
And you my friend,
As the ultimate player.

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