Monday, August 25, 2008


Headlines read,
Woman killed by strangulation,
Killed by her husband,
What a wonderful declaration.

Headlines read,
Woman and unborn child beaten to death,
Her father is to blame,
Must protect the family honor and wealth,
He proclaims.

I read these reports,
With sadness and anger.

They stir in me emotion,
Not completely unfamiliar,
But never have I given in.

I watch the news,
To try and stay abreast,
But news like this,
Makes me pause for a rest.

The emotions I feel,
Are as strong as steel.
In my learning,
I have learned not to reel.

Acceptance is one thing,
When no one has died,
But can I accept these fates,
I feel like they a have lied.

I could be those men,
Minus one small fact,
I choose a different way,
In the way that I act.

I see myself in them,
Sad but so,
But for the grace of God,There might I go.

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