Monday, August 25, 2008


I can be your worst enemy or,
I can be your best friend,
But always remember this,
That I will never end.

I was there in the beginning
Through your thicks and thins,
I have seen you be a saint,
I have watched you commit your sins.

I have been a part,
Of your greatest times,
I watched as the world laughed at you,
Like they do for the mimes.

I am your ego,
And proudly I will stand,
To keep you held in place,
Just as surely as the land.

What's that you say,
I have no place,
We shall see how far you go,
Without me keeping pace.

For it is I who set the stage,
The way that you see,
The things that you hear,
All get twisted for you by me.

I am your ego,
And firmly I will stand,
To keep you held in place,
Just as firmly as the sand.

What's that you say,
You want me to go,
You will be lost without me,
As sure as the driven snow.

Lost I say without me,
To keep you in check.
You will be lost just as surely,
As the scattered deck.

Go you say,
And this I will do,
You say you no longer need me.

How will you survive the world,
Without my protection,
You say you don’t need me,
Because humans share a connection.

I am you,
You see,
Of this we are certain.

You no longer need me you say,
You have out grown the need,
I will watch you go to hell,
With the greatest of speed.

You say there is no trouble,
You say there is no stress,
Just wait around my friend,
For the ultimate test.

The world will test you,
It will throw up road blocks,
Of this you can be certain,
Like the ticking of the clocks.

I do not like this you,
For there has been a change,
You have stretched your arms wide open,
In the extension of your range.

Gone are the days,
When there was just us,
You have wounded me,
And this I must discuss.

Go you say,
And I do so with fear,
Remember this my friend,
I will always find you dear.

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