Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My mind is empty,
Completely blank,
I might as well be sitting,
On a river bank.

Nothing comes,
I walk the halls of my mind,
Opening the doors,
Searching the floors,
I follow the paths that wind.

Childhood memories of when I was two,
Later years while visiting the zoo.

I see my relationships,
As I walk my mind,
Opening closet doors,
As I wind.

In the middle of my mind,
Lies a great mound,
All my lost memories,
Have finally been found.

Lying there in a heap,
I don’t know why they are there,
I see my actions of the time,
Held in place by nothing but air.

They should have been put away,
Neatly stored,
For a future day.

This mismatched heap,
Represents my understanding,
They wound up in the mound,
Because I could not reach ground.

I didn’t understand the results,
Or my actions,
So when I tried to put them away,
I kicked off a chain reaction.

Each of the closets refused to allow,
The entry of something that was not understood.

The doors closed one by one,
And seemed to communicate with each other ahead of my intent,
Forcing me to be done.

Without a place to store my memory,
It wound up lying in the mound,
To get mixed up with all the others,
To always sit there going round.

Around it would spin,
That had no space,
It spun with others,
Waiting to be faced.

I have found the mound,
And now I know,
I must be at peace or,
My mind will be blown.

Each of the memories and thoughts I have had,
That need to be put away,
I must understand.

Understand the reason,
The deeper thought,
This must be done,
If I am to be taught.


  1. Most people I have gotten to know have some kind of manipulative memory. They refuse to remember moments that are humiliating, painful, or even just moments they were wrong or cruel. Forgetting the moments you dont understand, that seems odd.

  2. I agree with odd. Forgetting maybe not be the right word. Incorporating the learning from those moments that we dont understand may be more applicable.

    Thanks for the comment.