Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There is change afoot,
I feel it coming,
The vibrations build,
Like guitar strumming.

Change is good,
And often so,
Is a painful event,
As we choose to grow.

We must part ways,
With prior paths,
Change out our habits,
Like the water from our baths.

Let the water wash us free,
Of the dirt and grime,
Let it stand at the bottom of the tub,
In a thick film of slime.

Stand up from the bath,
Naked and bare,
Stand to face the world,
Without a single care.

Some old habits,
Will die a slow death,
But when dead,
You can take a calm breath.

Some friends will not understand,
The change in me,
They will claim its just a part,
Of the same old dichotomy.

The blending of intent,
Is not elusive,
Thought and action,
Don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Declarations are easy,
They set the stage,
For what we are going to be,
Regardless of age.

I make the decision,
The declaration,
I want to create myself anew,
Find a new formation.

So if my actions seem out of place,
Forgive me please,
As I move to a new space.


  1. HA! This is entertaining. I think the hardest thing about parents and syblings is they dont let you be who you have become, they push you and prod you to who you were. The less developed person, the person you didn't like being. Maybe I should read this to my mum.

  2. It's not just about parents and siblings, your friends can place the same level of presure on you to show up the way they want you to without regard for what is going on in your life. At least that is what i have learned