Monday, August 25, 2008



The mechanism of your heart.

I smell the blood,
Run through your veins,
Making me hungry,
Causing me pains.

I want to feel your heat,
In stark contrast,
To my ever present cold.

I want to feel your youth,
In stark contrast,
To my ancient presence old.

To feel you,
You must agree,
To feel you,
Will set me free.

Free for a moment,
Maybe two,
Before my hunger makes me,
Replace you.

I will bring you such pleasure,
There will be no pain,
I will suckle at your breast,
Just to stay sane.

I love the feeling that is you,
That feeling of life,
Robbed from me so long ago.

I stay in the dark,
To hide my ghastly mark,
The truth of me my friend,
Is unbelievably stark.

My teeth will sink,
Into your lovely flesh,
Starkly marking you,
To spend forever in the dark.

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